Campground Guidelines


COVID – 19 Mandatory Safety Standards:

  • If you are showing any symptoms associated with COVID-19 we respectfully ask that you DO NOT visit our park at this time and please reschedule your trip for another time.
  • Our office will be open with procedures in place to limit contact with our staff at check in and during your stay.
    Our office will have a max occupancy of 10 people (including staff). Please only have one person from your party come into the office to register. We will have camping supplies available in the office for purchase.
  • We understand that part of camping is sitting around a campfire with friends. We ask that you understand that we have been allowed to open with the assurance to the State of Massachusetts that guests will continue to social distance. This means that if you are camping with friends there is no gathering for meals or sitting around a campfire in large groups. Camping is not a way to come to the woods and break social distancing guidelines. We know that you would never want to put our business at risk of being fined or loosing the ability to be open. Those that cannot follow this safety standard will be asked to leave.
  • At this time we are allowing ZERO non-camping guests to our property. No day visitors, no overnight visitors, not even a drive by. Only occupants of your same home or dwelling are allowed on your site. If you have friends you would like to meet up with we ask you do so off property.
  • Guests at our park are expected to practice social distancing guidelines and maintain a distance of 6 feet between them from anyone that does not live in your home or dwelling. Face covering must be worn at all times when in proximity of people who do not live in your home or dwelling. If you are meeting friends at our park for the weekend we absolutely expect these safety standards to be followed as it is not only your health on the line but our business as well.
  • Masks must be worn at all times when you are off of your site and in all buildings on our property, this includes restrooms. Max occupancy for all buildings will be posted outside of the building. Please adhere to the occupancy numbers and wait patiently for others to exit..
  • Please do not ask for an exemption to any of the above safety standards. The Massachusetts Camp Ground Association and the State of Massachusetts worked together to put these guidelines in place so the struggling camping industry could open. These guidelines are meant to keep you, as well as our staff, healthy.   Following these guidelines is imperative not only to our business but ALL Massachusetts campgrounds. There will be no exemptions given.

Thank you for understanding the above mandatory safety standards and helping us work together with the State of Massachusetts to stop the spread of COVID-19. Breaking the above policies not only puts our business at risk but can effect campgrounds across Massachusetts. Help us show the state that campers can be responsible, follow guidelines, and are able to safely enjoy camping while keeping themselves and others safe from contracting COVID-19.

Check-in and Check-out

Check in begins at 11am.  We ask that you arrive before dark, during June, July and August that means before 8pm.  If you cannot arrive before our office closes you may be asked to arrive the next day so as not to disturb other campers.  Do not make reservations to arrive on a day that you cannot meet our check-in policy! 

Checkout is 11am.

Day Visitors

There will be no visitors at our park until further notice.  No overnight guests.  Only persons that live in your home or dwelling are allowed on your site.


Masks must be worn at all times in our restroom facilities.  Please respect posted maximum occupancy limits.  Washrooms are located throughout the park.  An adult must accompany small children.  Dishwashing is allowed in the outside sinks only.  Showers are coin operated with hot water, 25 cents for 5 minutes.  Dryers are available only at building #5 and take tokens.

All campground buildings are smoke free!!

Do not leave electronic devices unattended.  Free charging station at the office.


Central garbage dumpster and recycling bins next to office parking.  Please separate your trash and recyclables!  Please do not leave trash at the sites or burn in fireplaces.


Dogs are to be kept on a leash, picked up after and are not to be left alone outside at your site unattended.  Only registered campers may bring pets. We do not require guests show up to date vaccination records but recommend you travel with them for your own protection!


Do not cut trees or branches for any purpose.


Small wood fires are permitted for cooking only (Mass reg. 7.2.1) in our rock fireplaces.  Fires must be out by 11pm.  Fireplaces are not to be moved.  It is against Massachusetts state regulation to move firewood. All firewood used at our campground must be prepackaged and kiln dried. Wood is available for purchase at the office or local grocery stores. Per the fire chief, open fires are not permitted in big rig section.

Picnic Tables

Each site has a picnic table. Please keep them on your site.  Use barbeques or grills on the ground.


Beach parking for the 2020 season is very limited.  Please plan to go early, before 9am to get a parking space.

Sewer/Electric Hookup

Use of an electric hot water heater requires 50AMP electric!  Use of dishwasher & laundry machines is prohibited while connected to sewer.

We have two dumping stations on site.

Port-a-potties are to be emptied at the dump station.

Gray Water

Gray water may not be drained on the ground.  Bucket it and use the dump station.


An identification tag must be visibly displayed at all times.  Only bicycles are permitted for riding in the park. No bike riding through the office area or after dark.  Massachusetts state law requires all riders 12 and under must wear helmets.  Skateboards, scooters, minibikes and the like are NOT allowed.  All vehicles, including trailers and motorhomes, must have a CURRENT registration.  We reserve the right not to accept any unregistered vehicles into the park.

There is no washing of vehicles or RVs on-site.

Speed limit is 6mph.


Free wireless internet is available at the office 24 hours a day.  We do not have wireless through out the whole park.

Quiet Hours

This is a family campground.  Please respect your neighbors.  Radio, TV, conversations, etc. to be kept low so not to disturb anyone.  Alcoholic beverages are to be kept at your campsite. No running generators at any time. Run A/C only when at campsite.

ALL QUIET TIME: 10pm – 7am  We do not suggest making a reservation if you cannot respect our all quiet time hours!   Those who cannot respect these hours will be told to leave immediately without refund!

Cancellation Policy

We understand that emergencies and last minute changes in plans do happen.  And we thank you for understanding that we require 2 weeks (14 days) notice of cancellation if you would like to receive a refund on your deposit. If you cannot give us 2 weeks notice we will hold your deposit to be used for a future visit.  You must call our office to cancel a reservation.  Email and facebook message reservation cancellations will not be accepted.

Making Reservations

Beginning the last weekend in June through Labor Day (usually the first weekend in September) arriving on a Friday requires paying for a minimum of 3 nights and arriving on a Saturday requires paying for a minimum of 2 nights.  This allows campers to leave anytime they like on Sunday or by 11am on Monday.

Unless you are staying with us for the entire season, we do not guarantee a specific site number.  On our reservation form you will be allowed to choose your first choice of sites off the map and can list in the requests/comments any other choices but we do not guarantee one site specifically.  We reserve the right to change site numbers based on the equipment you are reserving for!

If you are camping with more than one family, each family will register and pay separately and is subject to minimum stay requirements.